Why us? Why green?

Be kind to your windows – hire the best!

As expert window cleaners, we know how much it takes to do the job right. Anyone
can clean windows, but the term ‘professional’ describes few in the business
because few can do it with consistency and accountability. At C&G we pride
ourselves in providing the lower mainland’s best exterior cleaning service. We
guarantee it. If any aspect of our service falls short of your expectations, contact our
office and a manager will quickly respond to make it right.

Mindful of our footprint, literally and figuratively…

We have always been passionate about protecting the environment and after more
than a decade in the cleaning business, working in the residential and commercial
space, we have found so many ways to translate that passion into what we do
everyday. It’s takes more than just biodegradable soap to go green. Every business
process is approaching with a green state of mind; the recycled paper we deliver our
quotes on, the efficient vehicles we use, the green and fair trade products we stock
in the office, even the way a technician places his ladder – avoiding damage to
delicate flowerbeds or leaving divots in your yard- shows our commitment to green.